ZORAOBER is a womenswear and accessories label that produces unique items made by hand in our studio in Switzerland. ZORAOBER produce distinctive, colourful and comfortable pieces. We dominantly use upcycled material from surplus and dead stock of Swiss and French factories. Instead of collections, we focus on creating small series that evolve in time depending on the availability of materials.


ZORAOBER wants you to get the right garment or accessory that reflects your heart and soul. ZORAOBER By You lets you customize the design of any item from the e-shop, making any adjustment needed.


Slow fashion. Our approach is anchored in today’s lifestyle but uses components of craftmanship such as crochet and knitwear as a reminder of the beauty of manual work and skills. Every piece is made by hand.

Sustainability. Realistically, this is harder to achieve than to say. Until we can honestly look you in the eyes and claim a true and entire sustainable approach, we do our best to order environmentally respectful material from local producers, revive dead stocks and design items with nearly zero waste.

Designing items that become your life companion. We see garments as long term friends, and we therefore provide kits and assistance to care and repair your items.

Whether at work, at the beach or on the dancefloor, whether you are in your teens or your 60’s, we hope ZORAOBER can offer a piece that will let you shine.

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